2010 Events

 This is a partial list of events that took place in 2010


January 29-31

Karen Pryor's Clicker Expo


4 Seminar Topics: Smart Reinforcement; Concept Training: Mimicry; The Complete Trainer; Complex Tools.  2 Labs: Smart Reinforcement and Concept Training.  Clicker Expos is always one of my favorite events each year - it is rare to be surrounded by so many positive reinforcement trainers and such an outstanding faculty all in one place.  I come away from each Expo re-energized and excited about training and the positive direction our field is moving.


February 6

Art & Science of Animal Training

     University of North Texas

     Denton, TX


6 Invited Speakers. Ken will debut "Wanted: Animal Training Consultant - Those Good with Animals Need not Apply!


March 19-21

Karen Pryor's Clicker Expo
     Lexington, KY


4 Seminar Topics: Smart Reinforcement; Concept Training: Mimicry; The Complete Trainer; Complex Tools.  2 Labs: Smart Reinforcement and Concept Training


April 23

IMATA Midwest Regional
     Shedd Aquarium

     Chicago, IL


Ken is hosting a full day of training discussions, papers, and workshops as part of the annual Midwest regional meeting of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association.


April 25-30

ABMA Annual Conference
     Animal Behavior Management Alliance

     Pittsburgh, PA


Full week conference. Ken was invited to conduct a special "Training 101" workshop titled, "Creating a Shaping Plan to Help Shelter Dogs."  This unique workshop was presented in conjunction with Lee Nessler & Sheri Gintner of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Through lecture and hands on experiences with shelter dogs, attendees learned about training basics and helped train shelter dogs to make them more adoptable. This unique presentation was awarded the 2010 ABMA Impact Award, voted on by attendees as the presentation having the greatest impact at this conference!


June 28-30

Marine Mammal Training Workshop
     Acuario Nacional de Cuba

     Havana, CUBA


Ken was an invited speaker to this special workshop that is the first of its kind in Cuba.  Participants will include trainers from all over the Caribbean region.  The meeting was a terrific success with more than 50 participants.  There were representatives from 4 different aquariums in Cuba as well as trainers from Curacao and the Dominican Republic.  There were also 4 invited guests from the U.S. One of the best parts of this event was for Ken to be able to see the Underwater Dolphin show live.  Ken assisted with the presentation of this work 5 years ago for the National Aquarium of Cuba at IMATA - a unique lengthy chain of behaviors in a beautiful underwater show.  All of Ken's interactions had been through video and e-mail, to meet the trainers in person and participate in one on one discussions about this project was a real highlight. Ken will likely start to use footage from this show in many of his lectures about secondary reinforcers and maintenance of behavior without food.


July 17-18

A Weekend with McConnell & Ramirez
     Dogs of Course

     Worchester, MA (Boston area)


First day with Dr. Patricia McConnell. Day 2 Ken will speak on 3 topics: Problem Solving; Non-Food Reinforcers; Evolution of the Modern Trainer. This proved to be an exciting event.  It was Ken's first time speaking in a shared program with Dr. Patricia McConnell.  She is a dynamic speaker who spoke eloquently and intelligently about emotion in dogs.  Despite Trisha and Ken talking about very different topics, their different points of view were very complimentary and they both discussed the desire to speak together again in the future.


August 14-15
Canis Training Seminars
Holbaek, Denmark
     Morten Egtvedt
     e-mail inquiries to: Morten@canis.no
Kathy Sdao & Michele Pouliot will be speaking at this weekend seminar as well. Ken will speak on 4 topics: Concept Training: an Overview; Recipe for Creating a Top Trainer; Problem Solving; Evolution of the Modern Trainer.  This proved to be a great weekend, with trainers from throughout Scandanavia.  The skill level of trainers in this part of the world is very advanced and the diversity of topics presented by all three lecturers was well received.  Kathy spoke eloquently on many topics, but perhaps one of the more unique topics was her critical review of the "Nothing in Life is Free" (NILIF) training philosophy.  Michele spoke on a variety of topics but focused on unique tools like the use of platforms and collar pressure as a cue. 

  *2010 Scholarship Winner: Elle Stanton


September 20-24
Professional Seminars for Zoological Trainers
     Shedd Aquarium
     Chicago, IL
     e-mail enquiries to: adults@sheddaquarium.org
Full graduate course adapted to a one-week format for training professionals. An opportunity to take a full course and see Ken work with animals in his home setting, the beautiful Shedd Aquarium.  This turned out to be a terrific week with an even mix of professional dog trainers and zoo & aquarium professionals with a few amateur training enthusiasts in attendance for good measure.  This is always one of Ken's favorite seminars because of the passion and interest of the attendees, the time available to go into such depth, and the ability to work with his staff and his animals to demonstrate concepts to the particpants.   


August 21 - October 16 (Every Saturday)
WIU Graduate Course on Animal Training
     Western Illinois University (class at Shedd Aquarium)
     Chicago, IL
Strict requirements, for info before applying please contact Ken at kramirez@sheddaquarium.org. This was the 15th year teaching this graduate course for WIU.  A really curious and interested group of students this semester made for a good class. 


October 3
Enhancing the Bond: Preserving our Working, Performing, and

Companion Animals
     National Animal Interest Alliance Annual Conference
     Denver, CO
Other speakers also be featured. Ken spoke on "Why Training Matters" and the "Evolution of the Modern Trainer".  This was Ken's first exposure to this group.  A fascinating animal rights group that focuses on the issue from the perspective of those who work directly with animals.  A passionate group of people.


October 10

An Evening of Training Talk with Ken Ramirez

     American Association of Zoo Keepers

     Moody Gardens

     Galveston, TX


An evening of training seminars being sponsored by the Galveston chapter of AAZK and a Houston area law enforcement K-9 group.  Topics will include Reinforcement Strategies and Reinforcement in the Workplace. This was Ken's first return to Galveston in several decades.  Ken began his professional zoological career working with marine mammals in Galveston in the 1970's. Returning to the island so many years later would have been enough to make the trip worthwhile, but the great turnout and enthusiastic group was icing on the cake!  The seminar was held at Moody Garden's IMAX theater, making it the largest screen Ken has ever presented on!


October 29-31
APDT Australia
     Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
     Sydney, Australia
Ken was a keynote speaker and will present seminars on six different topics: Reinforcement Strategies, Complex Tools, Concept Training, Problem Solving, Cross-Species Training, and Evolution of the Modern Trainer. There were other keynote instructors and presenters as well, including Steve White and Peta Clarke.  Ken was impressed with the high level of expertise among the attendees and appreciated the warmth of their welcome and hospitality.


November 3-5
Training Course for Zookeepers
     Australasian Society of Zookeepers (ASZK)
     Sydney, Australia
This was a complete course on training designed for zoo professionals. Because this course is condensed to take place in just three days, the focus was on lecture and seminar and not on hands-on exercises (although several training games were integrated into the lecture). All major topics were covered thoroughly, including Basic & Advanced Operant Conditioning, Husbandry Training, Working with Large Social Groups, Dealing with Aggression, and many other topics. There were representatives from 16 facilities from throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Ken was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of the keepers and trainers in attendance.

  *2010 Scholarship Winner: Marco Espinoza


December 3
Introduction to Animal Training
     International Marine Animal Trainers Association
     Pre-Conference Seminar
     Boston, MA
8-hour broad overview of operant conditioning and practical applications for trainers. A course for beginners or for advanced trainers looking for new teaching techniques.


December 9
Advanced Operant Conditioning
     International Marine Animal Trainers Association
     Post-Conference Seminar
     Boston, MA
8-hour overview of advanced operant conditioning techniques for experienced trainers. This seminar will cover aggression and problem solving as well a review of reinforcement strategies and other advanced concepts.



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2010 Scholarship Winners: Marco Espinoza and Elle Stanton

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