2009 Events

This is a partial list of events that took place in 2009.



January 16-18, 2009

Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo

     Austin, TX


Ken’s topics: “Working for Joy of It: A Systematic Look at Non-Food Reinforcers”; “To Use or Not to Use: Complicated Training Tools”; “Did He Say Left or Right?  Modifier Cues: What They’re for and How to Teach Them?”; “Using What You’ve Learned: How to Develop your Own Training Plan”.  Two Labs: Non-Food Reinforcers and Modifier Cues.


February 14-15, 2009

Advance Your Training to a New Level with Ken Ramirez

     Gentle Touch Pet Training

     Arroyo Grande, CA


Ken’s Topics: Husbandry Training, Concept Training, Complex Tools, and Problem Solving.


March 8-13, 2009

Animal Training Applications in Zoo & Aquarium Settings
     American Zoo & Aquarium Association

     Orlando, FL


Other instructors: Marty McPhee, Steve Martin, Michelle Skurski, Emily Insalaco


March 20, 2009

Art & Science of Animal Training

     University of North Texas

     Denton, TX


6 Invited Speakers. Ken will debut “Evolutionn of the Zoo Trainer: A personal Perspective.”


May 20, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

     Chicago White Sox

     Chicago, IL


Ken provides training tips on the big screen and on the field for dog owners and White Sox fans.


August 24-28, 2009

Professional Seminars for Zoological Trainers
     Shedd Aquarium

     Chicago, IL 


Full graduate course adapted to a one-week format for training professionals.  An opportunity to take a full course and see Ken work with animals in his home setting, the beautiful Shedd Aquarium.


August 29 – October 17 (Every Saturday), 2009

WIU Graduate Course on Animal Training
     Western Illinois University (class at Shedd Aquarium)

     Chicago, IL



September 8 – 9, 2009

Asian Marine Mammal Training Workshop
     Ocean Park

     Hong Kong, China


Ken will be keynote speaker, “Modern Trends in Marine Mammal Training,” – Ken will also conduct workshops for attendees.


November 1 – 6, 2009

IMATA Annual Conference & Workshops
     International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association

     Atlanta, GA


Ken will NOT be conducting his annual seminars this year, instead they will be conducted by Ocean Embassy.  These classes should be excellent and the conference itself is always a great learning and sharing experience.