Animal Training: Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement

Ken Ramirez wrote and edited this book as a training manual for his staff and for students of his graduate course on Animal Training.  Published by the Shedd Aquarium in 1999 and now in its third printing, it has become the "must have" book for zoo and aquarium trainers world-wide.  The book is a collection of articles by over 100 trainers focusing on training topics ranging from beginner to advanced.  The book is divided into chapters that guides the reader through the development of a professional training program.  Each chapter shares Ken's perspective on how to put a training program together then introduces the reader to articles that appear at the end of each chapter. 


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Karen Pryor's Clicker Training webs-site is an excellent source of information about positive reinforcement training.  Check out the website at for a great variety of resources or click on the KPCT logo to the left to order the book Animal Training. 

One of the best resources for training equipment, tools, and enrichment items is  If you click on the logo above you can also purchase the book Animal Training.

Seminars & Programs on DVD

Reinforcement Strategies

This DVD from Tawzer Dog Videos was videotaped live at one of Ken's seminars.  This seminar focuses on the proper methods to train and implement non-food reinforcers into a training program.  Most trainers recognize the value of having reinforcers other than food, but many trainers have difficulty incorporating them into their training plan.  Ken shows how to systematically introduce these reinforcers into a program so that they will have the maximum effect.  Click here for more information about purchasing this DVD from Tawzer Dog Videos.

Problem Solving

This seminar, video taped by Tawzer Dog Videos, is an overview of the systematic approach Ken takes to solving animal behavior problems. Problem solving is the primary reason consultants are usually brought into an animal program. During this seminar Ken provides a look at the step by step process he uses when called in as a consultant to trouble shoot behavioral issues. Click here for more information about purchasing this DVD from Tawzer Dog Videos. 

Talk to the Animals - TV Series on DVD

Coming soon, two seasons of the successful television seires Talk to the Animals hosted by Ken Ramirez.  In each epsiode Ken visits a home with a behavioral problem with their pet.  He guides the owners to a positive solution to the problem then takes the viewers to a zoo or aquarium to demonstrate the same technique being used to help an exotic animal.  This unique show will be avilable on DVD next year!