Seminars – Our most popular service, we have been developing and presenting successful seminars for training professionals for over 20 years. Each seminar is designed and adapted for each client.  Seminars are presented in a practical easy to understand format, they always include many video examples and include relevant case studies. Ken is an experienced trainer and teacher who engages participants with his experience and enthusiasm.  Please take a look at the list of our most popular seminar topics.    


Workshops – These are expanded seminars that include a practical component and gets participants on their feet to practice applying concepts through training games or with their animals.  We do not provide animals, but in many cases clients bring their own or seminar sponsors provide animals for use by participants.


Private Consultation – In addition to conducting seminars and workshops for clients, many clients are interested in assistance in solving specific behavioral problems or issues.  We work closely with each client to implement our proven problem solving process that focuses on specifically identifying the problem, determining the cause of the problem, shifting animal motivation, developing a clear plan, and long-term monitoring of success and resolution.


Zoo & Aquarium Consulting – Our work in the zoo and aquarium community has included aquatic, terrestrial, and avian species; we are experienced at free, modified, and protected contact; and have developed diverse programs that focus on everything from husbandry to research to show training. We offer a full array of services including:

·         Staff training, development, and assessment

·         Program review and assessment

·         New program development

·         Specialized training plan design

·         Problem solving process implementation

·         Team building and management workshops


Working Dog Programs – For over 15 years we have worked with working dog programs, including search and rescue, service dogs, and narcotic & explosive detection dogs.  We specialize in helping experienced dog training professionals make the transition to the use of new techniques and tools. We have had great success at evaluating proven training programs and pinpointing small modifications that can enhance their productivity.


Pet Care Programs – While we are happy to work with individual pet owners and assist them in developing a good program for their pets – we have worked more extensively with professional pet trainers to help them expand their knowledge and skill base so that they can teach classes and work with their clients more successfully. 


Video Production – We also have our own video production partners, CVP – Creative Video Productions. This full service production company offers a complete line of video production services, which includes a knowledge and understanding of working around animals.  Services include documentary production, event videos, live performance & competition, corporate productions, and voice over talent.


Please e-mail us through the contact us page to find out more about any of these services.