We take a different approach than most animal training consultants.   We focus on the people more than the animals because we believe that by concentrating on training people, the people we train will be able to succeed at training and caring for their animals.


In each seminar we conduct, within the first 30 minutes we will state, “Animals deserve the best care we can possibly provide.  Training should not be considered a luxury that is only provided if there is time; it is an essential part of good animal care.  Just as one would never consider developing an animal care program without a veterinary component, a nutritional component, a social component, and an environmental component; nobody should consider caring for an animal without a behavioral management component integrated into the program”


Our mission is to enhance humane animal care by focusing on improved caregiver skills through knowledge, practice, and the use of positive reinforcement tools. We desire to provide people with the skills and tools to train and care for animals as humanely, positively, and successfully as possible.  Our approach is to combine the science of behavior with decades of practical experience to give people the resources they need to provide optimal animal care and training.